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Sunday, February 05, 2006

The other Man in Black

Walk the Line finally opened here in Airstrip One this weekend. Hugely enjoyable, smokin' music, great cars, a good night out. The headlines: Joaquin Phoenix just about retains the cred and cool he's built up in films like Gladiator, Buffalo Soldiers, Signs and The Village, although he does seem to need the loo rather urgently whenever he's performing onstage; Reese Witherspoon turns out, against all previous evidence, to be a good actress; the opening and closing scenes, of Johnny Cash's seminal 1968 performance at Folsom Prison, remind us that country, like all music, is best played LOUD. But the coolest character in the film is Luther Perkins, Cash's guitarist and friend, played almost silently by Dan John Miller. Miller fronts "twisted art-rock country" band Blanche and not only co-directed but played the priest in The White Stripes' Hotel Yorba video. In Line, Miller's character periodically steals the show, while his nerdy, white-bread demeanour is so authentic in the Folsom scenes it could almost be original footage.