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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Dig deep for the lecturers

As a humble academic, I face the unpalatable prospect of taking industrial action as part of a national pay dispute between the higher education teaching unions and our employers, beginning with a one-day strike on 7 March. As the professionals responsible for educating future generations of graduates and postgraduates, we are paid between £24,352 and £37,513; our pay rose, in real terms, by 6.6 per cent between 1994 and 2003, compared with the following real terms increases for comparable groups:

Public sector average: +12%

Personnel, training and industrial relations managers +23%

Managers/senior officials in government (HEO to senior principal/grade 6) +31%

ICT professionals +22%

Medical practitioners +27%

Secondary education teaching professionals +12%

Chartered and certified accountants +12%

[Source: New Earnings Survey (series)]

"The shortfall of teaching funding has badly hit the salaries of academic staff, which have shown practically no increase in real terms over two decades." Tony Blair, speaking to Universities UK, 14 January 2004.

Lecturer pay was cited by university vice-chancellors as one of the key reasons behind their support for top-up fees, and committed to allocate at least a third of the extra income to lecturers' salaries.

More info, and details of how you can support our claim for fair pay, here.