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Monday, January 30, 2006

Where is "David Duff"?

The pyjamahadeen hold a tense vigil, anxiously awaiting word that one of their foremost brethren is safe and well. Around the world, lonely men in their underpants leave Pot Noodles untouched, clicking again and again on that link, refusing to believe the 404 that greets their tear-stained eyes. I am David Duff is offline. In a nicely postmodern turn of events, just as a "non-celebrity" is crowned Queen of Celebrity Big Brother, so a pastiche blog has become, in less than a month, entertaining, witty and valued where its original is obvious, boorish and samey. For anyone familar with both, the probable conclusion is that the anonymous imitator found the demands of creating his or her inch-perfect parody too time-consuming. A great shame, whatever the reason, and we still hold out of for the safe restoration of IADD to our screens....