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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

ITV in paedo watersports horror

So there I was, discussing TV branding, scheduling and promotion with some of my students today, when I asked them to consider the merits of ITV's recent rebranding exercise. One bright young lady asked what the image above depicted. "Well," I replied, with increasing disbelief, "it seems to be an unidentified man throwing water over some children." The group went quiet, except for the odd titter. Some marketing type from Britain's worst TV channel said: "We aim to move perception of ITV from terrestrial broadcaster to content brand, making it fully fit for a multichannel, multi-platform world." Yeah. Anyway, Simon "Slappy" Shaps, the pint-sized director of television at BWTVC, had the gall to say the new look for ITV1 was designed to be "very warm and inviting, not scary". Well I'm afraid you're wrong, Napoleon. That sort of thing - to a parent, or any decent person - is indeed scary. Very scary. Must we pump this perverted filth into the living rooms of hard-working Britons?