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Friday, December 16, 2005

Vote for the Hell Is Other People Cunt of the Year

Who is your Cunt of the Year?
Sir Ian Blair
That bloke off the Picture Loans advert
Melanie Phillips
David Duff
Scott Sala
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HIOP is proud to mark its imminent first anniversary with its inaugural Cunt of the Year award - and you can be part of it. CotY goes to the man or woman who, in the opinion of Hell Is Other People readers, has most offended them by their very existence. The recipient will be announced on New Year's Eve, once all the votes have been collated and the result verified by HIOP's independent team of psephologists. The nominees come from all areas of public life. Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir Ian Blair, for example, is joined by that bloke off the Picture Loans advert ("Yes, we have got a mortgage"), bloggery's David Duff, racism's Melanie Phillips and idiocy's Scott Sala of Slant Point.