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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I'm not dead, just an academic

Duffman has expressed fears that I might have died, hence another prolonged absence from your screen. Sadly not, merely the cacophonous conclusion (ooooooooo!*) to another term. And moving house. Twice in a month. Once into temporary accommodation, with no phone, no internet, no mobile signal. And then into HIOP's luxurious bachelor pad, whence I now correspond. While I was in my hide-out, I note that Britain's Worst Political Party has elected another new leader, a man nearly as posh and out of touch as Tony Blagh. Whose wife comes from Scunthorpe. Can I be the last to say: "He took the cunt out of Scunthorpe"? *This will only mean anything to viewers of long-running TV show The Good Old Days.