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Monday, December 26, 2005

i hope you get cancer's review of 2005

On 30 December 2004, this blog took its first stumbling steps. What better time, therefore, to look back at 2005 through the eyes of some of Hell Is Other People/i hope you get cancer™'s leading writers. December, inevitably, was given over to mawkish reflections on the tsunami and on 2004 itself. Having ended 2004 resolving, mawkishly, to be less self-centred following the tsunami, 2005 started as it would continue, with a whiny bleat about my dead iPod. In February, I coined a new word, McAdemic, to describe those, like me, who toil at the coalface of Blair's vision for higher education. Of more significance was the opening of our Ghetto Names Collection point, an immediate hit with our US readers, who seem to Google little else. In March I was too busy to post, and April was little better. In May, I posted a little bit of reportage from my home town's Masturbation Mile and, talking of wankers, Melanie Phillips darkened our doors for the first time the following month. The London bombings on 7 July brought Phillips and her fellow bigots crawling out of the woodwork in droves, and it was your super soaraway Hell Is Other People that first pointed out that Melanie Phillips is a racist scumbag. Another future Cunt of the Year nominee made his HIOP debut the same month, using the London dead as masturbation fodder for their Londonistan racist fantasies. Having reported the Guardian's early revelation that the Metropolitan police admitted to his family that Jean Charles de Menezes had been neither wearing a "bulky jacket" nor jumped the barrier before they shot him dead, HIOP continued to decode the Met's aggressive crisis management during August. A third CoTY nominee was born. September saw HIOP get its collar felt by none other than the Pentagon, but the month belonged to our friends at Lenin's Tomb, for their exemplary reporting of Hurrican Katrina. The first HIOP podcast came out in October, followed by its debut on iTunes in November. As the year draws to a close, HIOP has a new title, and our handful of readers eagerly awaits next week's announcement of the i hope you get cancer™ Cunt of the Year. Will Sir Ian Blair romp home, or could one of his fellow four nominees shoot him in the back? You'll find out right here.