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Friday, October 07, 2005

Anybody ring?

Ah, the start of a new academic year! Mists, mellow fruitfulness, fresh, eager young minds. I become Miss Jean Brodie, coaching my gels (and 90 per cent of them are gels) as they blossom into the bloated PR fatcats of tomorrow. Hence no bloggery for the past few weeks. That, and the fact that my iBook was a little under the weather and had to go away for a few days. It has returned, however dear reader, as good as new, so I thought I'd give you a nocturnal emission. Obviously the big news of the past few weeks has been the release of a new Bon Jovi record. Shockingly, it's the same record they always release, just with a different title. Originally called Living (Livin'?) On A Prayer back in 1980-whenever, it was released in 1999 as It's My Life, and has now resurfaced as Have A Nice Day. Perhaps Hungfunny can podcast a "mashup", as I believe they are called, of all three... In other news, Harry Hutton calls me a cunt. It's good to be back...