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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The rich aren't rich enough

Those cunts at the Adam Smith Institute think that rich people need more money. Not just any old money. More money from people who have less than them. They've just published some bollocks in support of flat tax. Flat tax, for the uninitiated, is a system where everyone pays tax at the same rate, regardless of income. You don't need Hell Is Other People to tell you why they think it's a good idea: flat tax is about to become part of popular political conversation in Britain. But be very clear: it is a way for higher-rate tax payers to have a massive pay cut - from 40 per cent down to anything as far as 15 per cent. The likelihood is that people will argue for somewhere a bit less than the current standard rate of 25 per cent. So most people would get a cut of, say, 2 per cent, while higher-rate payers would see theirs cut by nearly half! So the standard-rate tax payer suddenly lives in a country where the better-off suddenly have a lot more money, while funding for education, health, and other public services is slashed. This idea is being pushed, and pushed HARD. By them. And him. They and their friends in the corporate media will tell you how simple it is. How much better off "most" people will be. They and their rich friends will threaten to leave the country if "something isn't done" about the tax system. They are, as always, lying pieces of shit. They just want to keep more of their money. And they'd like the rest of us to clear up after their endless binge. If some of the super-rich want to leave the country, good riddance. We should not be held to ransom by a handful of greedy cocksuckers who contribute far less to the Exchequer than they'd have you believe. It's a con-trick. Don't fall for it.