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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Parental Advisory

Since I had Haloscan put in at the weekend, all previous comments seem to have vanished. I couldn't care less, except that my Ghetto Names Collection Point, from back in February, has been generating a steady stream of traffic, and I had a couple of hundred hilarious/picturesque names in my collection that are now drifting in hyperspace. If anyone knows how to retrieve the Lost Comments, I'll happily award them an Honorary Degree. Meanwhile, the following is a naked attempt to replace the lost traffic. Or an attack of Tourette's. Or the next offering from those magnetic poetry people. Cunt fuck pussy cum covered slut wank tits fanny porn xxx rock hard cocks lesbian girl on girl harry's place gays rimming deep throat bondage golden showers wank fisting videos donald rumsfeld vagina whore pumping bisexual femdom oral muff shaved hairy penis dildo jihad. We now return to our scheduled programming.