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Friday, September 02, 2005

Now I know how Jack Bauer feels

PLING: PLING! PLING: PLING! At 2.04pm yesterday afternoon, Hell Is Other People felt Donald Rumsfeld's icy breath down its neck as your favourite blog became, momentarily, the front line in TWAT (The War Against Terror). At that moment, using the most advanced technology known to humankind*, an agent of The Great Satan perused The Pink'Un from deep inside the Pentagon. Using Uncle Sam's top secret "search engine" weaponry, the goon had tapped in the search terms "police+statements+from+people" and, bizarrely, HIOP's latest disclosures on the de Menezes killing had come up as the second hit on MSN Search. I'm not sure what's more worrying: the possibility that the entire editorial staff here at HIOP might be Gitmo-bound, or the thought that the military of the world's remaining superpower has got nothing better to do when it gets into the office (it was 9.04am in Virginia) than fiddle around on the internet looking at my little rants about Sir Ian Blair. Unless of course...? *Er, Windows XP.