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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Reasons why Sir Ian Blair must resign

On 24 July, two days after the Menezes killing, HIOP pondered the future of Metropolitan Police chief Sir Ian Blair. Three weeks later, the evidence that he is not fit to run a bath, let alone the Met, is piling up. Take your pick from the following unhappy events over which Sir Ian has presided since 22 July:

  1. Publicly leaping to a version of events surrounding the de Menezes killing that has now been proved false;
  2. Aggressive news management of an incident that remains the subject of an independent enquiry and a DPP investigation;
  3. Briefing against a dead, innocent man - before his funeral;
  4. False claims about de Menezes' conduct;
  5. False claims about police conduct;
  6. Incompetence among surveillance teams in the immediate aftermath of an attempted terrorist attack;
  7. Evidence that police officers overpowered and killed de Menezes when he posed no threat - and if he had, the police action could have resulted in an explosion;
  8. False claims about CCTV cameras at the scene;
  9. Repeated leaks prejudicial to the investigations.
Sir Ian's departure will be resisted at the highest level of course. That does not mean he should stay.