i hope you get cancer™

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Hey you. Fuck off. Go on, fuck off!

I've decided that most of you don't deserve me. When I came out of the psychiatric hospital three years ago, I overcame my former addiction to news and current affairs. Perhaps it returned with my recovery, which accounts for HIOP. Either way, the experience of the past three weeks has been enormously dispiriting. It's bad enough that I have to teach groups of generally moronic students all year to earn a crust. It's bad enough that cunts like this and this infest our public prints with their brainless twitterings, contributing nothing to the greater good or enlightenment of humanity in the process. But I have been lately reminded that well brought-up, Pinot Grigio-drinking, buy-to-let offal like this represents what many on the so-called left regard as the pinnacle of achievement in bloggism, and that the world is cancerous with smug, comatose windowlickers whose idea of an original political thought comes free in the Daily Mail with a free classic comedy DVD. The world really is going to hell in a handcart, and I am now content to sit back and watch it slide. My misplaced efforts to engage in informed debate on burning issues of the day therefore cease here, and I shall henceforth play on the same level as the rest, mostly confining my emissions to urgent matters such as masturbation, Big Brother and America's Next Top Model. Concentration camps or Sharia law? Who cares. Surprise me.