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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Police highlight crucial role of the public in catching bombers

I was on my way to a party last night when the engine of my car blew on the motorway, and caught fire. A short while later I found myself sitting in the back of a police car talking to a couple of traffic cops while we waited for the tow truck. Inevitably it wasn't long before the conversation turned to the London bombings. Evidently proud of the speed with which the July 21 suspects had been caught, the police were also emphatic that the crucial link, in terms of intelligence, was with the public, and particularly the public in the areas where suspects live. Without that, they said, they would not be able to do their job, and wouldn't have been able to catch these suspects so quickly. So those racist scumbags who are trying to use the bombings to smear Islam and Muslims in general should instead be grateful to British Muslims for their role in apprehending the suspected bombers. This is further evidence, if it were needed, that those arguing for a more US-style approach, involving racial profiling, and dismissing calls for unity and against division as "apologising for terror" are talking complete nonsense. Worse, they are more interested in promoting their racist, apocalyptic agenda than the safety of the British people. Technorati tag: