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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

My Enemies List

Like most people, I carry a list around in my head of my enemies - those, mostly people I've never met, who I would happily see dead. Yesterday's passing of that cunt from the bnp reminds me it's about time I did some belated spring-cleaning and actually committed my list to hyperspace. The higher up the list, the more unpleasant a death I'm hoping for.

  1. Joss Stone
  2. Maggie Thatcher
  3. Robbie Williams
  4. Melanie Phillips
  5. Paul Weller
  6. Terrorists
  7. Mark Steyn
  8. Maxwell out of Big Brother
  9. The royal family
  10. Him off the confused.com advert
  11. Bono
Watch out for further updates as new people get on my tits.