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Sunday, July 10, 2005

London: J'accuse

I think I know who is behind Thursday's horror. In fact I don't think I know - I know I know. The shadowy hand behind "al-Qaeda" is the sinister global mega-corporation H.A.S.B.R.O. On the face of it, they are a mere toy and game manufacturer, catering for homo ludens and owner of some of the world's most cherished games. Perhaps the most famous game (or "brand", as they would no doubt have it) is Monopoly, the property trading game. Turns out that they recently released a special edition of Monopoly with Kings Cross Station removed. The rationale offered by H.A.S.B.R.O. for this - in the light of the Tavistock Square bus bomb - makes one shudder. When quizzed on the changes, a H.A.S.B.R.O. representative told the Daily Telegraph: "The properties for the first UK edition were selected by the then managing director's secretary, who was sent out on a bus tour. We decided to take the same approach - to include those locations you'd see on a bus tour today." (My italics) Coincidence?