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Thursday, July 14, 2005

London bombings cover-up at Blogger?

In the feverish atmosphere ignited by the London bombings, it's hard to know who or what to believe. In some ways sifting through the bloggery helps give some perspective on where ideas are coming from and how they're being promulgated. A bullshit detector, if you will. An example is the idea that London somehow had it coming because of its supposed status as a hub for militant Islamists, a favourite hobbyhorse of the US right which has been eagerly taken up over the past week by their British followers. Anyway, to get to the point. Posts and articles on this theme often feature words such as Londonistan and jihadist, so I set up both as watchlists at Technorati. I ran the Londonistan search just now, and the following came up: The birth of the London bomb Official Story , British Muslims are going to be in for a difficult time, and the 'Londonistan' meme is the start Posted 2 hours ago in Finally, Blair has succeeded t... 0 links The url was http://bruesselsclub.blogspot.com/2005/07/birth-of-london-bomb-official-story.html. It looked interesting because it seemed to bear out my impression that "Londonistan" has been pumped around to support a pro-Bush take on the murders. But guess what? The link is dead. Nor is this the first time recently that London-related posts have turned out to be dead links. Is bloggery becoming subject to censorship? Have you got examples of similar links? Am I being paranoid? Or have they got to you too?