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Monday, July 11, 2005

Fuck terrorism. Fuck the witch-hunt.

Apres les bombes, le deluge. Or something like that. Anyway, since Thursday's mass murder, we are being treated to a crescendo of bigoted, thinly-coded racist bollocks from rightwing bedwetters on blogs and in the old media, to the effect that Islam is not a peaceful faith, that it does advocate jihad against the infidel, and that any Muslim who doesn't immediately report his or her friends and family to MI5 must be an al-Qaeda fellow traveller. For examples of what I mean, go here and here. Of course this argument is but a short step from the inexorable demonisation, then internment, then fuck knows what, of Muslims. Don't believe the hype. For an antidote to this filth, follow this informed debate on the theological nuts and bolts.