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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Carry on suicide bombing

7/7 is to 9/11 as Michelle McManus is to Fantasia Barrino The media has rammed all this Blitz spirit bollocks down our throats for three weeks and it's good to see that it is now being exposed for the myth it always was. But what struck me on 8 July, and increasingly so since, is the other ways in which these events, and responses to them, are essentially British. When America sneezes, Britain gets an itchy nose. Anything the Yanks can do, we'll do worse. Media presentation of the London bombings and their impact follows the time-honoured template of pale British mimickry of the US example. So they had Elvis, we had Tommy Steele. They had the Chevrolet Impala, we had the Vauxhall Victor. They had Los Angeles (the prototype suburb) we had Welwyn Garden City. They had Clinton, we had Blair. They had 9/11, national trauma, photos of the missing, candlelit vigils. We had 7 July - oops "7/7" - national trauma, photos of the missing, candlelit vigils. Learned behaviour. Now we have the grim farce of last week. Bungling bombers who couldn't blow up a paper bag. Cops who put eight bullets into an electrician on his way to fix a burglar alarm. The Britain where nothing works, where the trains don't work, is where - surprise surprise - urban terror becomes as much Carry On as Fahrenheit 9/11. Technorati tag: