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Monday, July 11, 2005

American Apparel's pants

I always thought there was something iffy, in a very smoke-and-mirrors postmodern way, about American Apparel, the we're-not-Gap clothing retailer and soft porn website. Seems I was right. CEO Dov Charney evidently has something of a reputation, not as a ladies' man, or even a priapic poor man's Austin Powers, but a straight-up PERV. Serial sexual harrassment and heavy-handed union-busting are just two of the charges against Charney - charges that are keeping his lawyers nice and busy. Why is it news that a CEO can't keep it in his pants and generally comes on like Monty Burns on Viagra? Because AA positions itself, so to speak, as an ethical corporation, differentiating itself from Gap and its ilk by a) manufacturing in the US and b) paying its factory workers a 'living' wage*. As a result, AA and its advocates use this 'ethical' practice as a Get Out of Jail Free card against the barrage of accusations against it. Such is the looking-glass world of the 21st-century 'ethical' corporation. This story brought to you in association with our friends at Pinko Feminist Hellcat. *Which, as antleredgirl points out, is nothing of the sort.