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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Melanie Phillips Watch

Welcome to the first in an occasional series from HIOP. Every so often we will bring to those viewers unable or unwilling to suffer her scribblings in their entirety, little gems from Melanie Phillips, notorious liberal-lefty-turned-neocon, Daily Mail columnist and self-styled queen of the Zionist "resistance". For our inaugural titbit of Mel P inconsistency, we offer the following without comment: April 20: "A couple of commentators, such as Daniel Finkelstein in today's Times, have rightly remarked on the elephant in the room in this election campaign -- the war in Iraq. As Finkelstein says, whatever view you took on the war it is an enormously significant issue, both in terms of holding the Prime Minister to account for what has already happened and, no less important, debating his foreign policy of the future...Iraq and its associated foreign policy decisions are among the biggest issues of the day. That's why so many people are bringing up Iraq on the doorstep." May 9: "While Britain once again has a Tony Blair government, the first time that Labour ever won a third consecutive term, its majority was slashed by 100 seats...The principal reason for this drop was the tide of irrational hysteria that has engulfed Mr Blair over Iraq. The Prime Minister was widely believed to have exaggerated the threat from Saddam Hussein and taken the country to war on a lie. He had already lost public trust through a combination of political scandals and unfulfilled policy promises. This was amplified by a poisonous media presentation of the war and its aftermath, in which distortions, omissions and irrational arguments became accepted as truth...Iraq thus became the lightning rod for voters’ disillusionment..."