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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Postmodernism eats itself

We hear a lot these days (well OK, I hear a lot but I'm moving into my own office next week) about this or that cultural institution "eating itself" - football, music, reality TV. Well there's an ad on British TV at the moment (overseas readers look away now) which exemplifies the way that the whole cultural self-referential thingy has eaten itself. It's for Aero chocolate, and features Henry Mancini's delicious Lujon, a tune formerly featured in the excellent film Sexy Beast back in 2000. Except the coke-snorting, Audi TT-driving, Shoreditch-living, gorgeous girlfriend-shagging SPASTIC who slung the ad together has just lifted it wholesale from the Sexy Beast soundtrack CD, so it actually begins with the last half-second of Peaches by The Stranglers. Where's the creativity? Where's the (ahem) originality? Where's the fucking editing software that my kids use on their home Mac mini?!