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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Shuffle? It's the shizzle

I'm back. I know, I know, but honestly it's not you, it's me. what can I say? It's been a crazy couple of months. 60-70 hour weeks, and I'm on benefit-style disposable income until the house is sold. Anyway, here's the thing. Long-time readers will know that 2004 ended in characteristic fashion with my iPod (2G, 30GB) dying. Apparently hard disk devices don't respond well to being dropped. Let me tell you, when you're used to having your favourite music wherever you go, life stinks without it. Well Steve Jobs, being the saint amongst men that he is, obviously read my words of distress and came up with the solution, in the form of the iPod Shuffle. By now many of you will know what a joy this little bad boy is. £70 for 512MB (about 7-8 hours of music) or £100 for 1GB, the size of a pack of Rizlas, flash memory so WON'T FUCKING DIE IF YOU DROP IT. What's not to like? Two of my kids kitted themselves out first, being the work hard, play hard types they are, and then bought me one for my birthday last week. Bliss! I am now back in the land of the living, with music in my car, on the street, in the office, whenever and wherever. It won't break and if it does, well by then maybe even I will be able to afford a replacement. The Shuffle, I am sure I'm not the first to predict, is to portable music as the Model T Ford or the Volkswagen Beetle was to the motor car. It will outsell its predecessor many times over, thus fulfilling Brissenden's Law: Cheap and simple trumps pricey and state-of-the-art every time. (See VHS v Betamax, Dish v Squarial, etc etc). My iPod is dead. Long live my Shuffle!