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Monday, April 25, 2005


Seeing the knots theists of whatever stripe - but especially Jews and Muslims - tie themselves into these days, trying to out-indignant each other makes me daily more grateful for my ever more devout freedom from the fiction of a god. The academic boycott of Israel in some British universities is the latest issue to be burning up column inches in the UK, and the Daily Mail's Melanie Phillips has once again fulfilled her role as a reliable source of the most swivel-eyed zionist bollocks. To get to the point, she derides the BAFTA awarded to Adam Curtis' extraordinary THE POWER OF NIGHTMARES, dismissing the documentary series as a "malevolent conspiracy theory", symptomatic of a Britain that "has now been consumed by a culture of lies, where palpable untruths win public acclaim and prizes because they play to a vicious set of prejudices against America and the Jews." If Phillips had ever seen the programme she would realise that its entire thrust was anything but an anti-American (far less anti-Semitic) conspiracy, but rather a careful analysis of the deep, if unwitting mutual dependence of US extreme neo-conservatism and extreme Islamist nationalism. Huh? Sorry, what did you say Melanie? Lies? Malevolent? Conspiracy theory? Palpable untruths? Vicious set of prejudices? Oh yes of course! The Daily Mail! For a less malevolent, vicious, prejudiced, etc., account of the boycott, check out the wonderfully-named jews sans frontieres.