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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Sex tourism and the tsunami

Conspicuous by its absence from the coverage of the tsunami aftermath, as far as I can see, is any discussion of what was simultaneously a major blight on the region and a pillar of its black economy: sex tourism. Noone seems to have asked what proportion of the western tourists in the area, and therefore of those who perished, were kiddy-fiddlers. Noone has speculated on how long the sex tourism business will take to recover, or where it might move next in the meantime. One wag suggested that theists would probably regard the disaster, in these terms, as divine retribution against the paedophiles. But surely that's a bit harsh on the millions of the well-adjusted who have been killed, injured, bereaved or misplaced? Speculation again, but presumably your god-botherer would mumble something about omelettes and breaking eggs. Amid all the creative fundraising ideas that are coming forward, don't be surprised if someone comes up with a suitably circular solution: a kiddy porn website that donates its proceeds to the relief effort.