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Sunday, January 23, 2005

America's Next Top Model - the best show on TV*

*Apart from The Simpsons America's Next Top Model is back on British TV for its third season. How many ways do we love this show? More trivial than yesterday's emails, more aspirational than the Daily Mail, it has all the voyeuristic joy of The Real World with the added pleasure of real, all-or-nothing competition. It works for everyone: girls (my daughters), women, gay men, sad old dads like me. It's bitchy! It's glitzy! It's in NYC! Some of the girls are gorgeous, some are psychotic, some are sweet, some are NASTY. Last season was ruined when I googled the show and discovered Yoanna was the winner about four episodes in. PLEASE, if you're watching the show in the US, don't tell me what's happened yet. Too early to spot all the stereotypes. The bitchy black girl's there OK (Eva), though she's no Camille. Ann is a genuinely scary psycho. There's no southern belle yet - remember Robyn, the pageantray queen from season one? Best looker? Maybe YaYa, with those molten black eyes and that profile. More on this over the coming weeks...